Blackwell Burke P.A. 2007
Minnesota Attorney General 1999-2007
Hatch, Eiden & Pihlstrom 1992-1999
Siegel, Brill, Greupner & Duffy 1990-1992
State of Minnesota 1983-1990
Commissioner of Commerce
(Primary regulator of securities, insurance
and banking industry in the State of Minnesota)
Kelber, Abrahamson, Weinstein & Hatch 1978-1982
Lifson, Kelber, Abrahamson, Bruening & Weinstein 1973-1978

University of Minnesota Law School 1973
University of Minnesota 1970

Instructor, Hamline Law School
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Chairman, Chesapeake Life Insurance Company
Baltimore, Maryland
Chairman, First United Insurance Company
Phoenix, Arizona
Director, All Nation Insurance Company
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Director, Centra Benefit Services, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
Director, NAU Insurance Company
Anoka, Minnesota
Director, Mountain States Insurance Company
Anoka, Minnesota

Minnesota Institute of Legal Education
“ERISA Litigation”
Bloomington Marriott Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota (1998)

St. Olaf College and Minnesota Medical Association
“Ethics of Health Care Economics:
Access, Availability and Quality”

St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota (1986)

Minnesota Institute of Legal Education
“ERISA Litigation”
Thunderbird Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota (1995)

Minnesota Hospital Association and Allina Health Plans
“Ethics and Technology Assessment”
Radisson South Hotel, Edina, Minnesota (1994)

Michael A. Hatch
“The Privatization of Big Brother: Protecting Sensitive
Personal Information from Commercial Interests in the 21st Century”

William Mitchell Law Review, 27:1457 (2001)

Michael A. Hatch
“Commercial Interests Win Round Two”
University of Minnesota Law Review, 86:1481 (2002)

Rule 26 Disclosure:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.
United States District Court, District of Minnesota. Called to testify concerning pattern and practice of the industry concerning coverage on director’s and officer’s insurance.

Milbank Mutual Insurance Company v. Balboa Insurance Company.
St. Louis County District Court, Duluth, Minnesota. Called to testify with regard to the priority of no-fault coverage under Minnesota law involving a taxicab that was licensed as a bus.

NAACP (Milwaukee) v. American Family Insurance Company.
United States District Court, Wisconsin. Retained to testify concerning the underwriting practices of the insurance industry in urban areas.

Meyer v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.
Hennepin County District Court. Retained to testify concerning the Doctrine of Retroactive Underwriting as applied to errors in insurance applications.

Honeywell, Inc. (and various employees) v. Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association.
Retained to testify concerning applicability of Insurance Guaranty Fund to guaranty investment contracts issued by Executive Life Insurance Company.

Arrowhead Agency v. Mutual Service Insurance Company.
St. Louis County District Court, Duluth, Minnesota. Retained to testify concerning affect of subjective underwriting practices imposed by an insurance company on agents.

Zurich Insurance Company v. Morrison.
Hennepin County District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Retained to testify concerning practice of insurance industry utilization of “float” by insurance agents and applicability of trust accounts.

First State Insurance Co. et al. v. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company.
Ramsey County District Court, St. Paul, Minnesota. Retained to consult with regard to application of multiyear stacking of occurrence policies and claims-made policies as it relates to mass claims involving breast implants. Also offered testimony as to bad faith of insurers in not defending claims.

Doe v. Norwest Bank and Voyager Insurance Company.
United States District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Retained to testify with regard to calculation of interest and insurance costs as it applies to collateral protection policies sold by a lender.South Dakota Director of Insurance v. Farm Bureau of South Dakota.
South Dakota District Court (1993) (venue unknown). Retained to testify concerning meaning of “home office” and use of management contracts in insurance industry.

Arizona Director of Insurance v. Midwest Medical Insurance Holding Company.
United States District Court, District of Minnesota. Case No. 4-92 CIVIL 114. Retained to testify regarding duty of Insurance Regulator to freeze accounts before notifying officers of liquidated company and duty of Regulator to serve seizure orders before asserting title to property.

Americana Bank v. Miller and Schroeder Investments Corporation, et al.
Arbitration proceeding, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Retained to testify concerning application of securities laws to loan participation interests purchased by bank.

Lakehead Pipe Line Company, Inc.; and Interprovicial Pipe Line Inc. v. American Home Assurance Company, et al.
United States District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Case No. 5-95 CIV 42. Retained to testify with regard to definition of “unauthorized insurer” as applied to “Uniform Service on Unauthorized Insurers Act.”

Dianne L. Shea v. Sidney Esensten; Jeffrey A. Arenson; Family Medical Clinic, P.A. and Fairview.
United States District Court, District of Minnesota. Case No. 3-96-405. Retained to testify with regard to duty of Health Maintenance Organization to disclose financial inducements to physicians to not refer patients to specialists.

David Servais and Gloria P. Servais; Robert Murray and Sonya Murray; and Gordon Flood and Betty Flood v. T.J. Management of Minneapolis, et al.
United States District Court, District of Minnesota. Civil Case No. 4-95-731. Retained to testify concerning reasonable standard of railroad company to require adequate insurance for taxi company which transports railroad personnel.

Minnesota Life & Health Guarantee Association v. InterRegional Finance Group,
et al.
Hennepin County District Court, Fourth Judicial District. Case No. 95-010602. Retained to testify as to duty of stockbroker to disclose adverse financial condition of insurer which, at time of sale of annuity, was owned by broker’s holding company.

Estate of Sherri Fritz v. Royal Maccabees.
Hennepin County District Court. (Jurisdiction unknown.) Retained to testify concerning whether there is a contractual relationship where applicant dies after submitting premium to guarantee issue life insurer.

Reynolds v. Group Health Service of Oklahoma.
Oklahoma District Court, Woodward County. Case No. CJ-95-97. Retained to testify regarding standard of insurance industry in denial of health claims.
State of Minnesota v. American Family.

Office of Administrative Hearings, State of Minnesota.
Testified on behalf of state as to the marketing structure of property and casualty insurers in a direct writer vs. independent agent system.

Holm v. Pomeroy.
North Dakota District Court. (Venue unknown.) Testified as to standard of care of administrator of a public division fund as it relates to use of funds.

Virginia Commissioner of Insurance v. National Association of Home Builders, Deloitte & Touche, et. al.
Dallas County District Court, Texas. Case No. 96-00472. Retained to testify regarding marketing standards of insurer, duty of officers and directors, reasonability of actuarial calculation.

Combs v. Guardian Life Ins. Co.
Wisconsin Circuit Court. Court File No. 97 C.V.11. Retained to testify regarding insurance industry standard of care in denying disability claim.


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